We have founded Public Speaking for Life because we love public speaking!

Our goal is simple: we want to help you master the art of public speaking.

We recognise public speaking is powerful. We don’t want anyone to fear it but rather be empowered to communicate and build connection.

We have seen the profound transformation that investing in our own public speaking has had in our lives – increased confidence, career opportunities and a positive impact on both our professional and personal relationships.

We simply don’t want anyone to miss out.

Today we live in a world where technology and social media drive much of our communication yet the power of public speaking has not diminished – it still takes centre stage.

The most critical and impacting announcements in the world are still delivered through a speech.  

Consider how giants such as Apple communicate with their investors, the rise of TED and of course politics and it reinforces just how powerful public speaking is!


Sarah Ewen

I have always been a chatterbox. Growing up in Scotland (don’t worry you will be able to understand my accent!) my first experience of public speaking was at a school assembly. With an audience of proud parents and butterflies in my belly I stepped on stage for the first time and relished the experience never looking back.

I have been the family spokesperson at weddings, funerals and embraced the role of master (Madame) of ceremony. I have established and ran public speaking clubs, courses and even braved stand-up comedy. I get a kick out of competing and have taken part in a number of Toastmaster International competitions reaching the State final a number of times in humorous speaking. In a professional capacity I have ran numerous technical training courses in multiple jurisdictions including Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Siberia and the United Kingdom.

During the course of my career I have worked for Deloitte for over 7 years and Westpac Banking Corporation for over 5 years.  I hold the following qualifications:

– Masters degree in Accounting and Finance
– Chartered Accountant through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
– Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
– Diploma in Pastoral Leadership
– Certificate IV in Training and Evaluation

My formal qualifications and practical public speaking experience has equipped me to develop and facilitate Public Speaking for Life in partnership with Tarek. I bring energy, insight and honest feedback and most importantly I have a heart to see YOUR public speaking dreams become a reality.


Tarek Said 

In 2010 I won the second place in NSW humorous speech contest. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life. Although English is not my first language I felt I could connect with the audience on a level way beyond words. I could achieve that because I put years of dedication and practice into connecting with others, telling stories and delivering messages I believed in. Since then I helped hundreds of people in public speaking in a number of places  including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Amsterdam and Dubai. My passion is to share this knowledge with you.

My communication goal is to understand people at a deeper level. I don’t want to just communicate with others logically, I want to connect with them emotionally. That’s why I have studied many forms of communication such as art, music, theatre and philosophy. I put what I learned into practice through public speaking. I approached it as an experiment, tried different methods and techniques and always pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I had some successes and some failures but eventually I learned what works and what doesn’t. Now I am very keen to share this knowledge with you.

In terms of my formal qualifications I have attained the following:

– Master in Control Systems Engineering
– Masters of Innovation Management
– Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
– Diploma of Philosophy

Having solid theoretical background, hands on experience and a passion for public speaking motivated me to start Public Speaking for Life with Sarah. I bring deep understanding of public speaking theory, experience in developing presence and above all passion to see you grow as a public speaker.


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The Three Stages to Public Speaking Mastery