Public Speaking for Life Meetup

Our meetup gives you the chance to speak up, share ideas, network and have fun. There seems to be a dedicated meetup group for almost anything! Coding, travel, food, start-ups, knitting and the list goes on! What has been missing though is a meetup which covers everything…until now that is! Our meetup is where speakers from all backgrounds speak about their own chosen subject. We are all about having speeches on a wide range of topics making it interesting and fun for our supportive audience. In our diverse meetup will get you to:

Idea sharing

Generate More Ideas

By not being limited to one field, you get to hear ideas from all walks of life and generate more ideas. You might work in technology and realise you have a solution for a problem in medicine! You might hear about a solution in agriculture, and find that it’s applicable to manufacturing. The more the ideas, the more the creativity.


Broaden Your Network

The world is extremely specialised nowadays and this applies to our social lives too. Apart from family and few school friends, most of our network revolves around the field we work in. In our meetups we aim to create a friendly atmosphere where you get to network with people you otherwise may never meet.  

full of fun

Have Good Fun  

People from diverse fields have different stories and insights. A common anecdote in your field may be a novelty in another one. Your insights about a topic may be totally different to someone else’s. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts with others to help create lively, energetic and fun meetings.

Past Meetups


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John Allsopp

The future of the web

John is a founder of Web Directions Conferences. With more than 20 years experience in all things web, John has developed software, written books, courses, tutorials, and articles for web designers and developers. He is a highly sought after speaker regularly presenting to audiences in Australia and around the world.
In 2000, he wrote the article “A Dao of Web Design”. It was described as “A manifesto for anyone working on the web” by Jeremy Keith, and cited as a “key inspiration for responsive web design” by Ethan Marcotte. It outlined the idea that the Web is its own medium, and we must embrace its characteristics, not decry them as bugs.
John will be speaking to us about what to predict about the future of the internet.

Julie Beesley

Bringing complexity to organised crime

Julie specialises in financial crime. She is a global subject matter expert and a recognised industry figure.  She has specialised around the world for most of her 25 year career. Julie is currently following her academic passion and completing her research doctorate in Criminology at Sydney Law School.  Her research combines natural and social sciences – Physics and Criminology. Her thesis brings complexity science, including chaos theory, to the study of organised crime and terrorism, and the emerging crime-terror nexus. Ultimately, her thesis aims to better understand these complex phenomena and deal with them.
Julie will be talking to us about her current research.

Richard Murray

The truth behind being an Uber driver

Richard is founder of Tutify, an online marketplace and training service for school tutors. At the start of 2016 and after 6 years as an energy industry professional, Richard found himself without a job and without direction. Disillusioned by the corporate world, he took the opportunity to throw himself into the ‘gig’ economy taking jobs as a Deliveroo rider, Uber driver, freelance researcher and primary school tutor. It was this last experience that gave him the inspiration for his new venture, Tutify. However, it was the combination of business nous and self-dependence needed for working these ‘gigs’ that really prepared him for life as an entrepreneur and took him down the tech startup path.
Richard will be talking about his experience as an Uber driver, particularly the things you do that really tick them off!

Sarah Ewen

Taking a leap of faith and following your dreams

Sarah is a co-founder of Public Speaking for Life. She followed the traditional education path of going to university, completing a graduate program with a reputable firm, completing further study becoming a chartered accountant and was in the midst of climbing the corporate ladder in banking. This was until she hit a crossroads and was faced with the tension between her dreams and career aspirations. Like many of us out there Sarah had a dream.  Her dream was to be able to devote her energy into helping people overcome their fear of public speaking.  After much deliberation she took a leap of faith and resigned from her senior manager role founding Public Speaking for Life with her business partner Tarek Said.

Sarah will be sharing her experience in taking a leap of faith and launching a business.

Tarek Said

Refugees have funny stories too

Tarek is a co-founder of Public Speaking for Life. He has been living in Australia for 11 years but he is originally from Syria. He studied in the university of Aleppo in Syria where he had a number of very close friends. In 2005 Tarek moved to Australia while his friends stayed in Syria. Today most of them are refugees. In this speech, Tarek will be sharing with us the story of one of his friends who became a refugee in the Netherlands. We often hear sad, heartbreaking stories about refugees. Tarek argues that this approach may drive our sympathy but it also alienates us from them as it does not paint them in a way we can relate to. Tarek talks about how refugees can still see humour in the darkest of hours.

Lara D’Abreo

The things they don’t tell you about startups

Lara is co-founder and director of datonik – a software engineering and services company that specialises in Insurance data-migrations….and no, there is not an App for that. Lara started her career working on Submarines,  then Geo-thermal power stations then decided to work in industries less accident prone. After working in various R&D organisations in the UK and Silicon Valley Lara returned home with the belief that software ‘could be cool” but startups were sometimes not! Just in time for the GFC. Not to be deterred she is embarked on her latest venture – proving that business can grow in the most unlikely of places and no problem is insurmountable if you apply grit, creativity and integrity.